Audience Feedback

Over the last five years, we've received some tremendous feedback from audiences around the country. This page is dedicated to those who have taken the time to email us with their comments. Thank you!


Hello Keith
Really enjoyed seeing you at Wells Next the Sea . Loved your interpretation of the songs and musical arrangements.
We were on holiday from Nottingham for the week.
Thank you for a lovely evening.

Hi Keith,
I've spent a lot of time exploring Nick's catalogue with my guitar and occasionally playing his songs at open mic nights. It was an honour to spend an evening listening to someone else who has obviously done the same.
I was born twenty years too late to have been alive for any of his career but I can't imagine a better way to cherish Nick's legacy than your show at Blue Sky last night.
Thank you!

Last evening I had the pleasure of hearing Keith James for the first time it was a truly magical and blessed experience and wonderful to be in the presence of Nick Drakes music and spirit
Sarah Louise Vickers

Hi Keith,
Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your show last night at The Comfy Bookshop, Coventry. You played Nick's songs beautifully. Particular favourites of ours were Parasite, Black Eyed Dog (Which was stunning) and Place to Be. I was hoping you'd play Road too but I was too shy to ask! We hope your stay in rugged Coventry was a pleasant one. On that note, you probably already know that Beverley Martyn was from here and I'm sure you also know too that Nick played Coventry on his fateful student union and social clubs tour that you referred to. He played an Apprentice Christmas Ball at the Alvis Factory Ballroom in 1969 apparently. Long gone but it was where the B&Q now stands. As Nick played they cleared away the tables for the dancing... so the story goes. So sad.

We were at the Lunar Festival in Tanworth in Arden last weekend. They had Nicks actual copy of Bryter Layter playing on his parents record player. It was a special very late evening event and ticketed. We didn't go but we were camping very close to the secret location and the Bryter Layter drifted through the woodland to us. I think the experience was maybe more magical (it helps me get over missing out on a special ticket anyway).
All the very best for now.
Martin Bird and Kate Shaw. (Both born the month Pink Moon was released)

Dear Keith James,
A long time friend of mine Graham Marshal, a nuclear engineer and a fine craftsman in glass and lead and other arti-facts arranged that I could her your perform t the Subscription Rooms in Stroud on the 14th of this month of May.

I had not heard of Nick Drake, so it was a pleasure to hear. I sat and listened to your portrayal of the poetry of Lorca, Leonard Cohen and Dylan Thomas. All of them words that have become part of my own lyrical life. I have referred to Lorca in a poem I wrote many years back.

It was Graham who introduced you too me because of my close association with Dylan Thomas. I sang and spoke in poetic language with whilst drinking together with the Irish playwright, poet and IRA activist Brendan Behan and others in a Camden pub just a week or so before Dylan left for New York, never to return.

I wrote of this in a prose article published in a one of the alternative magazines of the early 1960’s GLOBAL TAPESTRY. The article, Drinking with Writers and Poets, is included in my (self-published) book of poetry and prose LIFELINES. A collection of poetry and prose that has been published and broadcast over a number of years.

I attach information about my book as well as some photographs where I play the roles of Mr. Pritchard and Lord Cutglass in a 1971 production of UNDER MILKWOOD. From where I received high praise for my version of Lord Cutglass in the London Theatre press.

My book LIFELINES has been supported and taken into the SAISON POETRY LIBRARY and ARCHIVES at The Royal Festival Hall. I am in good harmony with the director and I would like to propose to them that they get in touch with you. They have a bust of Dylan Thomas in their main performance area.

Another poet, writer, film maker and playwright who was a very close friend of mine was B S Johnson.

Have you read any of his work? He was a poet and writer forgotten, but is now becoming a rising star in the world of British literature of the 20th century.

I was very moved by your performance and would be interested if you would like to come and perform in the Netherlands.
Yours sincerely,
Bill Holdsworth MSc

Hi Keith,
thanks for tonight, really enjoyed it, and my new gig buddies did too! :)
See you in November!

Keith James @BlackBoxBelfast was a lovely gig. #nickdrake

Great night @BlackBoxBelfast! Nick drake tribute by Keith James!! Thanks @PaulStafford12!n #fruittree #3hours

Lovely Gig @BlackBoxBelfast Keith James Songs of Nick Drake is an affectionate tribute , poignant and heartfelt . #pinkmoon #nickdrake

Hi Keith,
Thank you for continuing to spread the words and music of Nick, a lot of people have discovered his wonderful songs because of you. I am from Belfast and I see you are coming to our shores to play the Black Box, doing the Blake/Drake concert
Look forward to hearing you.
Keep up the fantastic work.
Conor Smyth

Hi Keith, great gig the other night at the Cluny, my friend and i really enjoyed it. I was just after some more info about that Harding bloke that you sang. regards

Hello Keith I am really pleased you will be performing at The Cluny, Newcastle 5th July. My partner is a big Nick Drake fan so as a surprise for her 25th Birthday on that day, I purchased 2 x tickets for us to see you. it would be great if you could dedicate a song for her on the evening, her name is Anna Welsh. Looking forward to seeing you.

Enquiry: Hi Keith, do you think Nick Drake ever played my home city - Coventry. In Patrick Humphries book John Martyn mentions that he did. He called it the Nettlefold Apprentices gig. But Nettlefolds (GKN) was based in Birmingham area and another website mentions that Nick did the gig in Smethwick. However Coventry had a factory called Alvis who made a lot of parts for GKN and I found an advert for an Alvis apprentices gig at around the time John mentions Nick played Coventry but the advert does not say who appeared at the gig. So, shot in the dark, but wondering if you had a complete list of known gigs that Nick played. Thanks Pete

Dear Keith

Just a quick note of gratitude for such a wonderful evening of music at Waunifor on Thursday, and to commiserate with you at reading the news of John Martyn's demise (I just read the blog at, in which he is claimed as a true originator, inspiring The Edge, and making innovations before figures such as Robert Fripp).

Over the last few years I have been through a period of renewed interest in acoustic guitar music, discovering John Fahey, Robbie Basho and the talents of Jack Rose, and most especially James Blackshaw- a 12 string wizard, whom I most heartily reccomend if you have not heard him. And of course I add you to this list- and will definitely be making purchases of your fine music.

Thanks, and all the best, Piers

p.s. Only really familiar with John's incredible Solid Air, I would appreciate any recommendations as to which other albums to investigate.


Dear Keith

Just a quick note after your Cheltenham concert,to say how much I enjoyed it, and to wish you good health! I bought your Lorca CDs (with the heap of change!), and very much look forward to hearing them.

I entirely agree with you that Nick Drake's songs are full of echoes of poetry. I think some of the Cambridge syllabus did creep under his smoky door, including medieval lyrics to Mary, and Matthew Arnold.

I am a poet, with the usual seven and a half collections, a couple of awards etc. (The tedious details are on my website.

I do quite a lot of broadcasting, mainly on Radio 3, and often with snatches of music, including folk.

I remembered, while listening to your very moving Nick Drake songs, that I had written some short poems when I first heard his three albums. I was already fifty, and they swept me back to my own troubled youth thirty years before. The poems grew out of the songs, not out of any detailed knowledge of Nick's life. Strangely, I find that people still in their twenties have been particularly keen on these! (They were in my last collection). I will paste them below, with thanks for making this music live again.

Yours sincerely
Alison (Brackenbury)

Six poems

After hearing the songs of Nick Drake

His own hand

I must stop thinking of his death.
It crashes round my mind
It will not go.

I hurry down the garden.
My breath is smoke.
By the wet tongues of fern
I fill the water bowl.

The birds, high in the plum tree,
Wait for me to go.


Wait. I must not listen to sad music.
So I will talk to you of sun or cars,
Then stare at the high wasteland of the stars
Which whistles through our bones, as iron hums bars.

Blackbird shouts from lilac. Is this music?
Although he practises in that quiet time
When holly sharpens, green flowers drop from lime,
The small roofs loop his voices, swoop and climb.

Now I have written cheques for every bill,
Swept fine dust from the floors and windowsill,
Rich as my bankrupt country, drunk my fill.
Before each power fails, I hear sad music.

On the way down

Clearly, your hair was your glory,
As they said of women once,
Glossy, thick as a pony
It hid you like a mob.
It strayed across your shoulders.
You would not need a job.

So when you burst in anger
At useless friends, their stare
Took in first the lank and unwashed hair.

Why would you care, now? After,
Some, before slow sleep,
Drum a tune. Their fingers

Soften, without a mark.
They knead your scalp, the clean hair,
Which brushes back the dark.


Someone without compromise or chatter
Practises till nerves and strings are taut,
Unbrushed by the honeysuckle’s pollens,
Perfects that trick of thought

Which he can master only when he hears
The clearest voices clouding in his head.
Can he bring coffee’s heat, white scud of sky?
No, reader. He is dead.

Alma Road

Found, lost so quickly! I drive the dark street,
Tall as a barracks, with odd gardens, neat
Dry tideless gravel; some softer with weed
I would have rushed by. Now, I see
A clump of iris five feet high,
Yellow as kingcups, the tumbled sky
By the quick Windrush, the small hot stones
On which I leaned, at twenty-one,
Stunned this could be. Great yellow flags
Will spring each year by dustbin bags
Lively as blood. Oh do not mourn,
So quickly found, so quickly gone.


He was not easy in his body.
Let him be wind, rain’s scent, ride air.
I stare at the sun’s battered grass.
I cannot see him there.

Only a bird throbs, straight through heat
Without a sound.
Bullfinch? Linnet? In the quiet
The branches bound.

(and one last, related piece)

Young, gifted

What could they give? “See. He was beautiful.”
And she? Beech shadows flutter. Cool and clean,
A long face smiles, amused to be nineteen
For ever, breaking once again, all rules.
A husband’s ageing voice creaks wearily.
“Remember, she would now be sixty-three.”

Quick frowns, which flowed like leaves, would etch their groove,
Dry coughs from flourished smoke-rings hack the air.
Ash would creep through the honey of her hair
Taut waist sag, from cream biscuits that he loved.
Small sins catch our teeth or tempers later.
They missed those, crashed straight into one greater.

Pills, guns or tights, pornography of death,
Remain unfondled, a brief end to grace.
What would I give you? Not to reach that place
I touched at eighteen, where the mind’s warm breath
Freezes to ice. Girls, laughing, brushed past them,
Sleep left them, aching. Does the kind dark condemn?

I do, completely. They, who were so bright,
Who rode unbroken pride too far, forgot
So much in their impatience; every knot
They tore; their single loneliness, each night
Upon the tangled bed. Mind’s hot, dry dance
Gave later love, time’s hidden leaf, no chance.

Yet if they lived, would they now fail again?
Find, grimacing, a thin note on the mat?
A child might not have rescued them but met
Her own dark places. They scrawled words, whispered song.
Lilac unwraps from frost. Breath floods my head,
Savage, yet sweeter, because they are dead.

Alison Brackenbury
from 'Singing in the Dark', Carcanet Press, 2008. 'Quiet lyricism and delight' (The Guardian)


Dear Keith and Rick,

Just a note to say that I saw your performance at the Norwegian church yesterday evening and was, once again, blown away. I first saw the two of you perform in a venue in Dorset about a year ago, give or take. I was at the gig because a good friend of mine was supporting the two of you, not sure you remember him, but he was a solo guitarist named Will McNicol. Hopefully you do remember him, I know I wouldn't forget what he can do with a guitar in a hurry! So actually I saw the two of you by coincidence, and it was the first I'd heard the music Nick Drake, and I've been listening to a lot of his music ever since, so thanks for introducing me to it, and also a big thanks to the show you put on last night, it really was flawless.

Take care, Lloyd


Dear Keith and Rick,

I'm the guy you recognised from previous gigs (St Ives etc) and would just like to express my thanks for the enjoyment you provided on Saturday night (and indeed on the previous about half a dozen times I've seen you).

Good luck with your other projects which I will certainly try and catch up with if you are somewhere near me.

Best wishes



Dear Keith and Rick

What can I say? The world has lost a beautiful genius


Love Tracy - Birmingham


Hi Keith and Rick,

Just a little note to say thank you so much for a wonderful evening last night at the Gala theatre Durham.

I took my friend along with me; she is a stranger to Nicks music, apart from when we have a night in with a bottle of wine or 3, and I play some of Nicks cds towards the end of the evening. I found the documentary very informative, especially for my friend, as she was able to piece together some of the very sketchy information I had given her!

When you took to the stage, I turned to my friend, and saw her jaw almost touching the floor, which I took to be a very good sign! Indeed it was, and she described your set as haunting, and that she would remember it for a very long time. She left with a huge smile, and a misty look in her eyes........................

For me, the night was magical, sublime. A couple of years ago I caught you at the Platform, in Morecambe, I was moved to tears, and last night was no exception, only this time I was prepared, and had brought extra tissues! The Lorca material was fantastic too, and has whetted my appetite to learn more.

To hear your music reverberating around the theatre was divine, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a truly wonderful evening, and thinking back to it will bring a little sunshine on the greyest day.

Good luck for the future,

Kindest regards,



Dear Keith,

Just a note to say thanks for the gig in Lincoln tonight - really enjoyed your set.




Hi Keith,

I enjoyed your concert at the Kitchen Garden Cafe last Sunday evening. I had my daughter's boyfriend with me. He was well impressed. I've heard you before at The Robin.

I look forward to hearing you again.



The Lowry Theatre, Manchester - Sunday January 18th 2009

It is hard to imagine that Nick Drake would now be in his sixties, remaining as he does the handsome image of doomed youth, forever 26 and attempting to reconcile himself with a world that was not ready for the timeless beauty of his music.

Though nearly 35 years have elapsed since his death, he seems to have acquired devotees from each successive generation.

Tonight, silver-haired fans take their seats next to those born a good decade after Drake’s passing, with representatives of each stage in between spread throughout the packed venue.

To whet the appetite, we are treated to a short documentary both celebrating and attempting to deconstruct the shadowy figure for whom communication was near impossible in his final years.

Keith James played a part in its creation and the film would be a boon for those new to Drake, explaining the jazz, classical and folk influences that shaped his guitar playing and the gradual withdrawal from the world that culminated in his death from an overdose of antidepressants (officially recorded as suicide, though Drake’s intent has been debated).

After a short interval, James takes the stage and the gig begins in earnest with Things behind the Sun.

It is apparent from the off that James has put his own subtle mark on these songs – his vocal melodies have a tendency to skirt around the original rather than mimic it directly and the guitar arrangements are, if anything, even more intricate than Drake’s.

James is joined by Rick Foot on double bass for the rest of the gig, filling the space vacated by the sumptuous string arrangements of the originals and wonderful versions of I Was Made to Love Magic and Clothes Of Sand follow.

Foot soon adds colour and texture with his own contributions, using a bow to conjure an impressive array of sound effects without any electronic trickery.

There are several departures from Drake’s material throughout the set, including a superb rendition of John Martyn’s Solid Air (a song written about Drake) with a stirring bass solo from Foot.

Also on the agenda is the duo’s musical interpretation of the poetry of Federico García Lorca, which although tentatively (almost apologetically) introduced transports us briefly from the bleak midwinter via James’ exuberant Spanish guitar playing.

Returning to Drake and prior to performing Place To Be, James makes the salient point that the final line of the song is one of the few times Drake ever expressed a need for another person (“Now I’m weaker than the palest blue/Oh, so weak in this need for you”), usually shrouding his lyrics in ambiguity and references to nature.

He is an erudite and chipper host, coaxing laughter from the audience even when having to stop and make several attempts to tune his guitar.

Despite subtle changes in arrangement, James and Foot have retained the essence and spirit of these delicate compositions – the overall feel is of a tribute to Nick Drake rather than a showcase for their own considerable talents.

Theirs is a labour of love and there are moments of near hypnotic beauty – as Cello Song fades out, the two musicians play so quietly in unison you could have heard a pin drop as the audience watched in hushed reverence.

The point is made that Drake only played around 18 or so gigs in his lifetime, his dislike of live performance hindering his chances of bringing his music to a wider audience and contributing to his decline.

James and Foot, however, have played The Songs of Nick Drake on over 400 occasions and on this evidence, no one is more fitting to do so. A pleasure to witness.

Andrew White - Citylife Manchester


Hi Keith,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your performance at Bush Hall on Jan 20th, a great night in a fine venue, my first visit to the place. My daughter (22) joined me, knowing only a little about Nick Drake and his songs, and also had a wonderful time. Rick Foot's double bass work was superb also. Someone said to me that you weren't going to perform Nick Drake's work again. Is this true? While I'm sure you have many other things you want to give your time to it would be a shame if the Nick Drake project came to an end.

Thanks again for a great evening.



Hello Keith

We enjoyed your Nick Drake event at Bush Hall on Tuesday so profoundly that I wanted to write and say thank you for a special experience. I've been hugely interested in his music and sad story since the early 90's, when I discovered it at what was a sadder time in my life. And rather like Tom Waits, it's really always been something that has given me a 'happy sadness', a state of grace if you want. So an opportunity to experience live performance, so well executed, it was great treat.

Janette, who came with me, has picked up a taste for his music from me in the last year or so, and perhaps the best accolade that can give of your performance is that she felt moved to tears by the beauty of the evening. And she's a roughy toughy scouser, so high praise indeed!

So, thank you so very much and a special word of praise for Rick's double base playing - beautiful, apt and a perfect counter-point for your guitar.

Will look forward to seeing you again in some future event: please add me to your e-mailing list.


...and thanks for the CD - it's on my i-pod and is comforting me hugely on cold wet jogs around the Common!


Dear Keith and Rick,

I was at your Nick Drake concert at Norwich and was entranced by both of your performances. I came away, surprisingly, with your Lorca CD (plus a copy for my cousin living in Spain). It has introduced me to his poems and I find the words, the singing, guitar and base playing in my head even when not playing the CD!! I have the date for your next Norwich concert and plan to gather friends to come along as well and to recommend to friends and family to see you both in Darlington, too. Rick’s playing is a joy to watch as well as listen to.



Bought this CD after seeing Keith and Rick in Cambridge performing these songs. I would recommend to all Nick Drake fans to try and catch Keith and Rick. They interpret the songs with sensitivity and dexterity and is the best chance to experience Nick's music live. The sound of Rick's acoustic bass and Keith's guitar playing is truly memorable. So if there in a town near you I urge you to go and have a look.

I hope this makes up for not telling Keith and Rick how much I enjoyed the show!

Gavs Dad ( Review of SOND Live)


If like me you are a Nick Drake completist then this is well worth getting. It's a well produced series of live recordings of ND songs. Downside is that they don't add very much to the originals and do not seek to be a radical interpretation of ND's work. Upside is that they are a successful and interesting series of faithful covers and show just how ND live might have sounded. I'd certainly like to catch these guys performing the set live.

N. Horne ( Review of SOND Live)


Hi Keith,

I brought my 14yr old son Callum to your Plough concert last night. I knew very little about Nick Drake, and Callum knew nothing at all – but he’s learning the guitar (he’s obsessed), and it looked like a good opportunity for him to experience some live, guitar-based music. We both sat through the evening absolutely spellbound, but the best thing (and the thing I thought you’d like to know) is this: when I asked him on the way home whether he’d enjoyed the evening, his face lit up and he said, ‘Oh yes! That was absolutely my music.’ I’ve no doubt at all that he’ll go on play Nick Drake’s songs himself, so off they go into another generation. How great is that?

I was impressed with the setting of Lorca. I work with poetry, and as a rule I hate to hear it set to music: it has a music of its own that the settings often obscure. However, poetry often loses its own music in translation, and it seems to me that your settings restored the music of Lorca’s poems in a sensitive and entirely appropriate way. I can well imagine just how difficult that must have been.

We also both fell in love with the double bass, as brilliantly played by Rick. All in all, we had a great evening, so thank you both for that.

With best wishes,



Hey Guys,

Hope you're up in Glasgow again some time soon... caught the last gig at The Arches which was absolutely fantastic... although be good to see you in a venue such as Cottiers Theatre or Oran Mor maybe...

Thanks for the gig at The Arches anyways!

Cheers, Stuart


Hi Keith

As always I found your playing completely mesmerizing.

Do you publish tab of any of your songs? I would particularly like to try and play 'One of These Things' and 'Three Hours'.

Kind regards



Thank you for all your news about touring etc. I was at Square chapel and very much enjoyed the new Nick drake film and your concert.

Best wishes,


Hi Keith,

My wife and I went to your "Nick Drake Songs" concert at the River Front in Newport a couple of months back and it was an amazing experience. I wasn't sure what to expect as Nick is such a unique talent but you really did him justice and added your own style beautifully as well. The intimate atmosphere just added to it and the musicianship of both you and Rick was outstanding, (I didn't even know a double bass could make those sounds), it was an added bonus to get the chance to chat to you both afterwards. You may be getting the picture that we thoroughly enjoyed the gig and are looking forward to seeing you again. I notice from your tour dates that you are not visiting Wales in your October tour, do you have any plans to come back over here any time in the near future?

Best Regards

John & Lynne


Hello Keith, Thank you for your newsletter and I think your new album sounds wonderful. Are you planning to play in Greenwich any time in the future?, Look forward to catching a concert some time

Regards, Helen


Hi Keith,

Really enjoyed the gig in Norwich on Sunday. I was of course familiar with all the Nick Drake tracks you played so well, and the John Martyn tribute but can you remind me of the title and artist whose song you also included in the concert?

[ It was "If I Were a Carpenter" by Tim Hardin - KJ ]

Many thanks and best wishes,



Hi Keith,

Just to say thanks again for bringing alive the music of Nick Drake last week - a real tough one!

And what a nice surprise to have some John Martyn in there too - both artists who have been an inner part of my consciousness for more years than I care to remember! - we travelled up to Camden roundhouse last year to see John playing Solid Air end to end - how high my hopes were - but what a crying shame that he is so unwell - I hadn't seen him live since the 80's and sadly I have to admit we left after the first few so as not to destroy the memory of such wonderful songs any further.

Anyway keep up the good work - splendid all around

Thanks again - hope to see you again sometime soon

Best wishes,
Quentin Hill


Keith and Rick,

Just a short note to congratulate you on your gig at the Riverfront last Thursday. I stumbled across the gig at short notice and am I glad that I did. I'd love to have had a chat after the show but had to get away to another commitment. I can give no greater compliment than by saying that you did full justice to the legacy contained in Nick Drake's songs. Your interpretation of Solid Air was excellent also. Hope to catch you live again sometime.

Regards and best wishes, Carl Close.


Dear Keith & Rick

Thank you again for another beautiful, inspiring sojourn into Nick's music.

The CD is divine, I played it all the way back to South Birmingham last night!

Nick's music is so very hard to describe, and I find if you just don't get it - then you just don't get it!

(My partner and eight-year old son fall into this category!) But I'm there!

Again, you make Nick almost come alive, thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your tour and I'll see you again when you're back in the Midlands.

Love & Best Wishes


Tracy Carroll (who sometimes cries!)


Dear Mr James,

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your concert on Tuesday evening. I have been an admirer of Nick Drake's for many years, and once played in a band (1962-1964) with Dave Pegg, who went on to play bass on Bryter Later (amongst other things!).

It was great to hear the songs performed live, and of course Rick Foot is an amazing bassist.

Yours sincerely

Alastair Jones


Hi, Just to say thanks for a really enjoyable evening at the Musician in Leicester on Wednesday night. For me the songs of Nick Drake never fade or lose their quality and his albums, the round black ones, are never far away from the turntable. It was such a shame that the 'photographer' kept walking in front of the stage. Thanks again for a great evening (and your live CD is excellent) and hope to see your Lorca show in the near future.

Regards Steve


Thanks for a wonderful musical night at the Robin in Bilston last Tues (April 15th)

It was a very faithful and moving portrait of Nick's music, with your sensitive delivery and fine guitar picking plus Rick's supple and beautifully integral bass & bow adding yet more body and soul!

It was good to meet you after and my twin Bro David was the guy that gave Rick a copy of that obscure but fine double Various Artists CD 'Jeremy Flies'.

It's a Drake tribute set that contains some great versions with very high production values.

Hope you have had chance to play it, we were impressed, especially as Dave picked it up as an oddity discounted to £2.50 in the local Co-op Store!

Have a great tour and hope to see you again next time around



Thanks for an excellent show on 21/5 at the Greenwich Picturehouse. Very enjoyable to see some live interpretations of a lot of faves, and I was particularly interested to hear the John Martyn song, which, until then, I'd only read about in the various Drake books available. I wish I could have figured out the chords along the way!

All the best, from another Kent lad,



Hi Keith,

I’m listening to your album of Nick Drake songs again, having attended your gig at the Honiton Motel a few months back. I thought the reference to you as a ‘tribute band’ in the Nick Drake biog was unkind. I think your interpretations of his songs are wonderful, especially since the original Drake recordings, lovely songs though they are, are often accompanied by fairly terrible, slushy arrangements. Your own fresh interpretations bring out the songs at their best. Wish I could play, let alone sing, like you do!

hope to catch your Lorca gig in Exeter next month.




Hi Keith and Rick

I saw you play the other week in Leeds at the New Roscoe and was blown away... an excellent gig and had me mesmerised. Keep up the good work!



Hello Keith,

Although I'll be coming to Tanworth on August 4th, I am going to miss your gig as I will not be arriving until the evening. I'm quite upset by this and after seeing you in FACT, Liverpool, wonder when you are going to return. It was a pleasure to hear Nick's songs played so beautifully in a city whose popularity was built on music. I look forward to seeing you again for another very serene evening!



Hi Keith, I was lucky enough to see you on the last night of the tour in Oakham. An incredible performance. Being too young to have even had the chance to see Nick live i felt even more priveliged to have seen you recreate his tracks almost perfectly. And thank you for introducing me to John Martyn as well. Am now building my collection of his work.

Once again, thanks for a great evening.


Thanks for an extremely enjoyable evening. My wife and I were both impressed with the performance at Oakham on Sunday night. It was my wife’s first exposure to Nick Drake and I could not have imagined a better introduction. So thanks again.


Hi Keith,

I was in last night's audience at the Millfield Theatre and yes it was quite 'intimate'.

In fact I saw you both a few months ago in Frome in Somerset so know what you sound like as a duo.

The experience last night was curiously more close to what I anticipate it was actually like seeing Nick live (no, I wasn't one of that few)  rather than the more studio sound which we all know.

My own experience of Nick Drake's music was at a boarding school not too dissimilar to Marlborough (Worcester in fact) with Five Leaves Left playing on the little hi-fi in the study. The end of the summer term looking out across College Green in the Dean's close on the private side of the cathedral. Verdant green with the dulcet tones musing over the lawns under the wide spreading trees. Nick fitted so well into that privileged time. Choristers, dope and Englishness. That was 1974, and I didn't even know that he was dead.

We lived in a small village outside Stratford-on-Avon (Alveston) and various '-in-Arden' places were close by. I had never strayed as close to Brum as Tamworth but was not surprised by what I saw when I dropped by recently. Upper-middleclass dormitory postcards for the conurbation. It must have been with very mixed emotions when he returned home after his 'triumph' in London.

The one image that does stick in my head from after I discovered the full story of his life & death is him driving his mum's mini without direction or reason until he ran out of petrol then phoned home unable to say where he was.

Best wishes.



Dear Keith,

Many thanks for a superb evening at the High Barn, Great Bardsfield last Friday evening.

My family thoroughly enjoyed your and Rick's performance and look forward to the release of the live CD and DVD from the concert.

We hope to see you again when you are in the Cambridge area.

Best regards.



Wonderful evening in Nottingham last night. Although so far as I could tell I was, by a large margin, the oldest person there it is good to realise that it means Nick Drake's songs will be remembered 30 or 40 years from now.

I'm looking forward to the next time.




Just a quick note of thanks on behalf of my wife and I for a really enjoyable evening of Nick Drake music at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham last night. His was a seriously unappreciated talent that you and Rick are doing your best to change. Well done.

I found out about your “gig” from my daughter who’s doing her Masters at Swansea Uni but she was very disappointed to find that all tickets are sold out at “The Chattery” for your performance there next week. Is there any chance you could squeeze another date into your busy schedule? You appear to have plenty of free dates in April. No pressure!

Any way it’s probably not possible but I thought I’d ask.

Once again thank you and I know we will be seeing you again in the not too distant future.




Hi Keith,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your great performance last night at the Electric Cinema. Thank you to Rick Foot too for his amazing double bass playing! I particularly enjoyed your performance of John Martin's 'Solid Air'. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Regards, Kerin and Andy.


Hey ho Keith,

Just dropping you a quick line to say thank you very much for the support slot at The Ropewalk last Friday. I really enjoyed meeting and listening to the pair of you and hope all is going great with the rest of your shows. Thanks for the CD swap... I think I got the best of the deal! All the best for now, I look forward to seeing you again soon,



Thanks for a great gig in Swindon last night. Tremendous stuff - could anyone do this was my worry? Unfounded by great musicianship (thanks to Rick as well). Loved the John Martyn, Davey Graham/Anji almost (FB&B, 3/4AD) and the Tim Hardin additions. When are you next in town?




Hi Keith, just to say what a treat to hear you play music as it should be when we heard you play in Swansea last Friday night. I see you are playing the Inn on the Beach on the 14 th of April will it be the songs of nick drake? Cheers Martin.



Just wanted to say what a fantastic gig Monday 26 March was.

Despite there being a 'maudlin Monday' audience, the concert was superb! Thanks also for taking the time out to speak with me.

Best wishes to you and Rick and thumbs up for Glastonbury!



Hi there,

Me and my friend Vicki heard you play at the folk house yesterday (we were sat next to your sister at the back) and I just wanted to say how much we both really enjoyed your music.

It was pure chance that we came that evening. Some weeks before I had heard 'River' on radio two driving along in my car and it simply haunted me for ages after that. I had never heard of Nick Drake before so I wanted to hear more. Both me and my friend Vicki don't go out a lot due to work etc. but yesterday we decided to go out somewhere and I saw that you were playing Nick Drake songs in the folk house.

Anyway we thoroughly enjoyed the evening and we thought the Bass player was excellent too! I play piano and took up the trumpet three years ago (for a change) but having always played classical I don't really know where to begin playing anything else.

Anyway just a note to say thanks for such a great evening - it was the best in a long time! And all the best for the future and if you're playing in Bristol again let us know.



Thank you for a great concert last night at East Grinstead. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about someone else doing Nick's songs but
thought that you both really got to the heart of them and made the lyrics really come out. The CD is great as well. I shall certainly come again. My wife and I were sitting next to a group of teenagers and it was fabulous to see them clearly enjoying the music as well so that the appreciation of his (and your!) music will continue.

Many thanks and well played,



Saw you tonight (in St.Albans) ... awesome. Wonderfully restrained in the sense that you did the songs great justice and resisted the urge to embellish them. Whilst I think you are perfectly capable of 'adding' to the interpretations, you are aware of the audiences need to hear the songs as 'time capsules'....I'd love you to 'rock out' and take some of the songs upwards and onwards and elsewhere...but I accept that, half the audience, at least, would hear that as sacrilege...I'm sure the rest of us would love it. A 'tricky row to hoe'... : )

The John Martyn stuff was a 'spot on' addition....Great evening.!

Many thanks



Dear Keith,

Sorry we had to leave early tonight, babysitters......

I just want to let you know that your set was brilliant, and that performing Nicks music live is where it deserves to be. Thanks for a wonderful evening.


PS. I think your own stuff is really good, and so does my sister, who will be singing at Peters T.I.A. gathering in the summer. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the acknowledgement re Robin's song.


Hi Keith,

Thanks for a great night in Liverpool. Odd venue - fantastic music. I found the concert very moving - how things might have been if he'd taken a different path in '74. Have you tried the BEBEBE tuning for From the Morning? Seems to work. I like the sound of the Tanworth weekend. Keep spreading the word! Thanks again.

Very best




I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your concert at the Bury Met a few weeks ago! It was beautiful and captivating and it was great to be able to see the film, especially as a friend of mine performed there a few years ago and I'd love to go!

I saw you and Rick perform at the Met last time too and that was actually the first time I'd heard any of Nick Drake's music (I'd read all the lyrics though...) and since then I've become an avid fan :) so thank you!

I can't wait til you're round this bit of the country again. Best of luck with the rest of the tour.

Jenny x


Hello Keith

We saw you recently in Oxford. Really enjoyed the show.

I bought No 1 Paradise Road from you...Its lovely and I have been playing it for the last few weeks.

On the track called Never Think about it for the last third there is some kind of radio interview going on in the background and for a few seconds when the song ends ...Is that part of the song or a recording ? Its sounds kinda weird to me apologies if its deliberate and meant to be there.

[It's meant to be there! - ed]

Will definitely come and see you again.

Best wishes



Hi Rick & Keith

I spoke to you both at your excellent Havant Arts Centre gig on 9th November about a book featuring Nick Drake. I promised to provide you with the details so here they are - maybe they'll form part of a future gig anecdote!

Title: Half A World Away
Author: Tom Bromley
Pan - ISBN 0 330 48986 0.

I think the folk club & Nick's songs start featuring from around Chapter 5 then feature throughout, if I remember rightly.

Enjoy the rest of your tour and have a great Christmas

Cheers! x


Hi, Keith.

Its Anthony Blakeney here (who recorded Smokin' Too Long with Robin Frederick, and played Solid Air at the TIA gathering in '06) .

Congratulations on your contract, by the way.

I'm getting a little party together to com and see you when you're in Leeds, and it would be great to meet you at some point.

I wondered whether you heard my tribute recording?

Catch you later,



Just a note to say we really enjoyed Friday's gig at the Arts Depot.

Martha's set was wonderfully full of life, and your set has to be one of the most poignant (and enjoyable) hours it is possible to spend. The CD has been in constant use since, and is absolutely brilliant. I would add that we have had a busy week of gigs Eliza Carthy and Martins 4 up at Milton Keynes, and the quality of your CD is by far the closest to your live stage quality.

Good luck with the rest of the tour.

Look forward to seeing you again


Vaughan & Bev


Good evening Keith and Rick

I was fortunate enough to come and see your show when you played in Rochester, sometime last year. Truly awe inspiring musicianship from you both, and made for a wonderful evening with friends. Having only discovered Nick Drake's music just over a year ago ( I'm 31 ), I of course, like most of us, have fallen in love with it and have tried (mostly in vain) to learn his songs.

My question is, do you learn his songs by ear, or do you have a resource, be it the internet or books? I have found a few internet tablature sites, this being one of my preferred:

But am still at a loss when trying to learn many, due to having to tune the guitars etc, and the sometimes bewildering mix of hand co-ordination whilst singing melodies that just will not sit with the guitar rythms (Hazey Jane II for example!)

May I ask your advice on approaching any of Nick's more complex songs. Having seen you live, I of course can willingly concede

the gulf divide of ability when trying to play like you. My guitar learning was always in rock, and finger picking is just not my forte' :)

So, playing ability aside, how do you approach a song from the first attempt, if you have the time to reply of course!

Many thanks in advance, even if you can't help me !

P.S. Your version of Nick's 'I was made to love Magic' was simply amazing.

You having transcribed strings for a guitar piece completely bowled me over. 

Keep up the great work, I wish you both fantastic success on coming gigs, and hope to see you both play, when you are next in town someday.




Hello Keith and Rick, Many thanks for adding me to your mailing list, I came to see you at Epsom Playhouse (last Thursday evening) with my Brother, we both very much enjoyed the evening and especially enjoyed listening to your own compositions, 'Rich man poor man' springs to mind but both songs were equally enjoyable, we will most certainly be coming to many more of your intimate and moving performances.

Thanks again.



I really enjoyed your gig at Ludlow. I wanted to ask you - do you know of a good source of accurate guitar tabs and music for Nick Drake, particularly the Pink moon album?

Happy Xmas to you too, George

Way To Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake (Guitar TAB Edition)

More Nick Drake Guitar Tabs


Hi Keith

Just a brief note to say how much we enjoyed seeing and hearing yourself & Rick Foot at Epsom Playhouse yesterday evening, it was a nice cosy venue and seemed perfect for your style. The constant re tuning must be a headache but worth it from an audience point of view, and the sounds that Rick drags out of his double bass are just incredible. I have just downloaded your latest album from I Tunes and I look forward to relaxing with a large whisky this evening whilst listening to your album.

Many thanks again for a memorable evening.

Kind regards,



Hi there,

Keith kicks ass!

Saw you play The Songs of Nick Drake last year in Salisbury, Southampton and Brixton and they were all fantastic gigs. When you back in Salisbury? I don't see a date on the current tour list?




Hi Keith,

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic concert last Friday at the Hawth. I've so much admiration for your 'quest' to bring Nick's music to new audiences, and your interpretations are excellent. My girlfriend is new to Nick's music and she thoroughly enjoyed your show.

I am a guitar/piano teacher/performer and would be very keen to attend the Tanworth-in-Arden festival you mentioned... even if it's just to be in the audience although I'd love the opportunity to perform also.

Many thanks once again.




Hello Keith,

Was great to meet you at the Horsebridge last night, the gig was spellbinding, I enjoyed every minute.

Hope you had a very happy birthday.

Lucy Kitt


Hey, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your concert at the Bury Met a few weeks ago! It was beautiful and captivating.

I saw you and Rick perform at the Met last time too and that was actually the first time I'd heard any of Nick Drake's music (I'd read all the lyrics though...) and since then I've become an avid fan :) so thankyou! I can't wait til you're round this bit of the country again.

Best of luck with the rest of the tour. Jenny x


Hi Keith

Just a line to say how much we enjoyed the show at The Barbican, Plymouth on Saturday - I am the red headed guy you spoke to on the stairs during interval!

You recommended the book 'Northern Sky' - which I will obtain!

I have been besotted with Nick's music since 1988 and it was incredible to hear so many songs 'live'. Your interpretations were very interesting and brought something extra to the songs - congrats - you are also a shit-hot guitar player!

Loved the inclusion of old grumpy's classics too!

Good luck with the tour - I have told my student son to get his ass down to Farnham Maltings on 15th as he is also a Nick devotee!


Tim and Debbie


Dear Keith,

I was at your gig last night at the Greenwich Picturehouse and I have to tell you that it was a wonderful evening, in fact one of the top three dates that I have had with my wife (we have only been married for a year mind you!). It was just such a lovely experience and very local which was great because we were home in 20 mins.

Thank you both so much for the wonderful music it was a great evening. I will look out for further dates and will open the experience to colleagues and friends.



p.s. You should definitely think about a trip to New York, I lived there for a year and it was my wife (an American) who introduced me to Nick Drake - he is super cool!


I heard Keith play at the Bein Inn last year.  We chatted briefly as I saw Nick Drake play in  Cambridge in about 1969 and I mentioned that I thought Chime of a City Clock was probably my favourite song of all time. The version on this CD is a delight.  I'm going to get a lot of pleasure from this.


Just a note to say thanks so much for the gig at the GFT. Myself and my flatmate weren't familiar with most of the songs but loved the atmosphere of it all, and Black Eyed Dog was one of the best vocal/guitar performances I've seen! Shame about the lack of bass, but you seemed to have enough fingers to cope on your own.

Best of luck with the rest of the tour.


Hi Keith and Rick

Thanks once again for a great night at the Tap in Lincoln. Your popularity has increased to such an extent, we will soon need bigger premises.

As promised I have reviewed No1 Paradise Road and I was amazed at the production and eclectic choice of sons. It is an album you must surely be proud of, and I know it is one that I will play often. You have some great musicians backing you.

By the way I like the format of the new web site.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Steve Lee



Saw you and Rick last night at the Acoustic Tearoom in Kirkby Stephen. We've lived round here for about 5 years and last night was the first time we had got round to getting to the acoustic tearoom. Have to say we are really glad we did. Really enjoyed the gig. Hope you do get to come back and play some of your own stuff. Please can you say thtankyou everso much to Rick too. I was a bit mesmerised by his playing as he was directly in my line of sight, and I've never seen a bouble bass played with such passion.

Anyway, I've recommended you to my friends. We are all avid attenders of folk festivals (despite being a bit young for all that!)

Hope the rest of the tour goes well. Best wishes,


PS I like your choice of favourite albums on your website. Personally I would go with Philentropy by John Martyn, but Solid Air is a very close second. I particularly enjoyed your version of Solid Air last night. Thanks again for a great night.


I'm gutted that your "No.1 Paradise Road" tour isn't taking in South Yorks at all. Any chance you'll be doing your own material up here any time soon?

(Loved the Nick Drake stuff).

Thanks - Debbie


Dear Mr James,

I was at both Cluny gigs you did in Newcastle and I was absolutely blown away by both.  You and Mr Foot are so true to the music of Nick Drake but you also add some of your own soul to it. Your own songs are also amazing and insightful. Never worry about us only wanting to hear Nick's songs!

I am getting married next Easter and Northern Sky is our ' first dance'. It has been a very special song for both of us and you play it beautifully. I just wanted you to know how unique your talent is and how greatly appreciated you are.

Good luck and thank you for helping me to love magic.

Yours sincerely, Carmel


Hello Keith, my name is Adam and I spoke to you at the your show at the Soul Cafe in Maidstone. First things first, thank you for a fantastic evening.

Seeing your live versions of Nick's music have given me a whole new appreciation of the emotion and delicacy of his lyrics and composition, as well as the skill of the musicians involved. The style of guitar playing in the show is unlike anything else I listen to and I was really amazed by the complexity of songs that you were able to produce. It is a brilliant experience to see you and Rick playing so superbly together and with such a great understanding of each other and the material. Please pass on my appreciation to Rick.

I also would like to say that the inclusion of the documentary about Nick's career was excellent. I went to your gig at The Brook Theatre in Chatham recently and thoroughly enjoyed your set, but at Soul Cafe I was able to gain a much deeper understanding of an artist that I, like so many others, unfortunately know very little about. Having seen it I really got a better feel for the lyrical content of his work and an understanding, or interpretation, of the angle his songs were written from. I'm not sure that anyone can entirely understand what he was going through, but I feel I've taken a big step closer to doing so after your show!

I was therefore wondering if there is any way I may be able to get hold of a copy of it? I know my sister and many of my friends would gain a lot from seeing it, and it's far preferable to me re-telling it to them repeatedly!

If you could let me know if and how I might get a copy I would be very grateful. I would also be interested in purchasing a copy of the CD that you and Rick recorded, so if you have any information about that I would again be very grateful.

Thanks again for a wonderful evening, it really is a great atmosphere that you create, complemented brilliantly by Rosalie and Dave. I think the Soul Cafe is perfectly suited to that kind of evening and hopefully we will see you there again in the near future.

Good luck with the rest of your dates.



Hello there,

Saw you fine gentlemen this evening and The Junction in Cambridge but didn't have time to stick around and say hello. I really enjoyed what you played and the songs seemed like faithful interpretations, unexpected delights were Smoking Too Long and Solid Air, both of which I were not expecting. Keep up the good work.

Richard Perry


Bought the "Songs of Nick Drake" CD after the performance, but didn't have time to leave email. Anyway, don't normally do this, but said would email you just to say how much enjoyed the show. Excellent interpretations, exquisitely performed by yourself & Rick Foot. Didn't really know what to expect as I've never heard Nick Drake's songs performed live and was wondering how some of them would be tackled e.g. "Northern Sky", a personal favourite, but very impressed. Thanks, for a great evening. Good luck with your own song writing - may get to see that performed at future show.


Ian MacDonald.


Hi Keith, - thanks for a great night at The Musician in Leicester a couple of weeks ago

I was the guy in the front row who talked to you after wards at the back I used to run a big club back in the middle ages called The Couriers Club; Leicester

I would have thanked you before but when I typed in your website from the brochure - I got a Negro Kick-Boxing guy-who I figured was probably not you, moonlighting on the side; interesting tho' the site was.

It was good having the film on early in the evening as too many Nick Drake songs might give one a desire to jump under a car on the way home.

I tend to write better myself, when I'm in a melancholic mood-and have been accused myself, of encouraging the suicide rate (not good) in and around Leicester-so the film was both instructive and 'balancing' in a really pleasurable and informative evening

Thanks again and maybe we will meet again further along the road

Kind regards -Rex Brisland -Leicester



Bloomsbury Theatre


Many thanks for such an enjoyable evening at East Kilbride Arts Centre on 30th Septembers 2005.

My husband and I only 'discovered' Nick Drake a few months ago after hearing River Man on radio 2 one day. After hearing that song I immediately searched the internet for Nick Drake and read a bit about him, then downloaded his albums and ever since then I have been hooked. The gig at the Arts Centre was absolutely fabulous. Nick Drake is one of those artists that when you listen to his music, you totally lose yourself in his music and forget what is going on around you and I really felt that at the Arts Centre. We had a great time there, and I want to thank you for bringing his music to us. It was great to see someone perform Nick's songs and enjoy it as much as we did. I would also like to point out what fantastic musicians you both are (Keith & Rick) you truly are very talented.

Once again, thank you for a great night and hope to see you live again one day.

Leeann Saunders



Cheers Again for a great rendition of some of Nick Drakes Stuff, captured the mood and message of the original and your own stuff was nice too, my worry was to see a copy and not a performance of the material, and you did not disappoint a mistimed genuine fan of Nick.

Regards from someone who himself may have been smoking too long!



Thanks Keith for a fantastic concert at Bury Met. I've been a Nick Drake fan for years and was one of the original 100,000 who bought Bryter Lyter in vinyl form when it was first released! Now I've got all the cds!!

However what I didn't really want to hear was a Nick Drake tribute session with a sound-alike purveyor - my daughter had been to see 'Whole Lotta Led' for instance the week before at The Met. Lo and behold what I heard was your interpretation and Nick Drake songs grown up and played for the new century. Now how you did that I can only suggest because you love the songs but you are you and you sing your way. Now these days I'm hard to please - a grumpy old ex-head teacher man - but your singing, song selection - loved your rendition of Solid Air and your own material - and simple stylings with the string bass accompaniment where just right and you probably guessed from the audience reaction there was a touch of awe.

Hope you can get to The Met sometime soon.

Good luck for the future and hope the new album does well.

Brian Richards


Hi Keith,

just thought I'd send you a mail, to let you know i came to see at the studio in Hartlepool, that gig was fantastic, it was like listening to Nick live, only if !!! . i hope you enjoyed as much as i did?
i go up and down the country watching artist and bands, and i have not enjoyed watching someone so much since my last Martin Stephenson gig.
hope to see you soon, maybe the Cluny gig in Newcastle.

keep safe.



Hey Mr James,

I went to see you at the gig in the Met Centre, Bury last night (Saturday 16th) and I just thought I'd write to let you know how fantatasic it was! Before last night I'd only ever heard River man but I knew a lot of Nicks lyrics and the way you performed them with such passion and emotion was just brilliant to see. (I'm the one whose Mother asked you if you were playing Man in a shed haha thats my favourite lyric'poem in the world). Quite a few of the songs had some personal significance like Black Eyed Dog which my mate performed at the tribute gig last year, River man of course and Pink Moon which..well I wrote the lyrics over all my school books and lets just say the teachers weren't too impressed! it's strange how amazing and unique Nick was yet not one of my friends has even heard of him except through me, so it's great you're giving people the chance to see such great songs performed with such emotion and feeling that can be difficult to communicate with when its just on cd. I'll definitely be there next time you're in the area! Thanks for a great night!

Jenny Horrocks


Hello Keith,just a quick e-mail thanking you for a fantastic concert at Southport. Enjoying listening to "Outsides" at the moment, excellent. Look forward to seeing you in concert again and hearing some more of your own material. p.s. Ta for autographing CD. Best wishes Paul (please add me to

your mailing list).



I was at your concert in Bury on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed your performance with Rick Foot (the owl sound was cool).

It's only recently that I've discovered the music of Nick Drake, and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your gig advertised at a venue local to my home.

It was also a treat to hear you play Solid Air as I am a great admirer of John Martyn also.

Good luck with the rest of your tour.

I will keep an eye open for future concerts.

Thanks for a memorable evening



Hi Keith,

Just a little email to say how much I enjoyed your show at the Platform on Thursday night.

I thought your interpretations of Nick's songs were stunning, and beautifly sympathetic.I was actually moved to tears (in a nice way) during "fruit Tree," my favourite of Nick's songs.

I noticed at the end of each song a slight lull,as if like me, everyone wanted to savour every last note.I was certainly taken on a little journey back in time to when things were less complicated,the sun seemed brighter, but most importantly,people still indicated at roundabouts!

I'm not musical at all, but I do appreciate fine musicians when I hear them.Together with Rick you gave us a set that was honest and pure- the way music should be, well in my book anyway!

I thought your own material was great; without wanting to sound too gushing, it was very thought provoking, and I intend checking it out in more depth..

all that remains for me to say is thank you both for a truly magical evening, and good luck with all your forthcoming events.

kindest regards,




Just wanted to say that I saw you playing at the Met in Bury last night and I thought the show was phenomenal!! I took my friend along who hadn't really heard much of Drake's music and he was as mesmerized as I. I hope you keep up the sterling work you're doing (your own stuff was superb too) and i will definitely catch you again. Oh, and as an aspiring finger-picking guitarist myself, i am very curious about the finger nails! How do i get mine like that?

p.s When you say peely wally the 'a' is pronounced like 'apple'. I know this because I am Scottish!!

Good luck

Ross McCabe



Once again, just a big thank you for your wonderful interpretation of Nick's songs; I never thought I would witness such a striking interpretation of so much of Nick's work. Truly fantastic.

I wish you and Rick all the very best as you continue to tour. I trust that you don't fall out, you lay off the tea and Rick holds back on the Guinness!

I look forwarding to seeing you again on your next tour.

Kind regards,

Rich Coles.

(from Exeter gig and both Wyndham gigs)


Hi Keith & Rick.

Thank you for a great concert at Huntingdon Hall last night. Your interpretation of these songs has renewed my love of Nicks music.

Chris Harper



Just a note to say we really enjoyed Friday's gig at the Arts Depot

Martha's set was wonderfully full of life, and your set has to be one of the most poignant (and enjoyable) hours it is possible to spend. The CD has been in constant use since, and is absolutely brilliant. I would add that we have had a busy week of gigs Eliza Carthy and Martins 4 up at Milton Keynes, and the quality of your CD is by far the closest to your live stage quality

Good luck with the rest of the tour

Look forward to seeing you again


Vaughan & Bev


Hi Keith

My wife Jan and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed last nights gig at the MJC.
I have been a ND fan for many years and have only ever heard the songs live once at a tribute night at the Barbican.

For me your renditions brought back some of the darkness that the songs had for me when I first heard them as a teenager.

These days I am very comfortable with the albums as easy listening. (probably in the same way as a local can walk through Bermondsey at night without worrying!!).

At the same time you came across as so confident in singing them. Something I don't suppose Nick could have ever been.
When you said that the tour was the first time in thirty years the songs had been heard live in any real way I think you may have been doing your self a miss-service. I would imagine that it is the first time ever.

Thank you again for a good night - Guy Roberts


Hi Keith,

Been meaning to drop you a line for a while now to say how much I enjoyed your gig at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter the other week.

I took my brother along and he was so impressed he booked nine tickets for the first of your two nights at The Wyndham Arms next month, and is taking most of the family along!

It was great to hear those beautiful songs performed live - something I never thought I'd witness - and the fact they were played with such respect

and eloquence made it even better.

All the best – James


Hi Keith and Rick

I saw Kelly Joe Phelps at The Robin 2 on Monday 21st and yourself on the Tuesday 22nd. Two awe inspiring concerts.

I was introduced to Nick Drake’s music 5 yrs ago when I was only 20 and struggling through University. The music and his story helped me through some difficult times and to hear his music live and delivered in such a beautiful manner was quite emotional.

Thank you for this concert and indeed the tour which allowed me and others the honour of hearing and feeling the music of Nick Drake in a 'live' setting.

Rick's double bass was brilliant in Solid air and your prediction that Saturday Sun may be " a bit untidy" was a huge contradiction in fact it, as well as Thoughts of Mary Jane, Rider on the Wheel and Joey were particular highlights.

Thank you and Good Luck with the rest of the tour

Ps Kelly Joe wasn't bad either :)

Tim Wagstaff


Hi Keith

Saw you at the Maltings in Farnham at the end of last year - fantastic - thank you for a captivating evening. For moments, I could close my eyes, drift away with your tones and feel like I was close to Nick himself! A magic I had not expected. It's great that you are keeping his work going.

Saw that you help singer/songwriters - fab - keep it up! I am a poet/writer so all support to fellow creatives is greatly appreciated!

All the best, and much colour for your tour this year.

Keep feeding us the good stuff! Many thanks Sophie


Dear Keith,

We came to see you and Rick at Chequer Mead, East Grinstead in November and really enjoyed the concert, having see you both a couple of years previous at The Playhouse, Epsom.

I took some photos at EG and enclose 3 for you to look at, I hope you enjoy them. If you would like to see any more, just let me know and I can post you a CD if you want.

At EG we bought your "Postcards" CD and I enjoy playing this whilst soaking in the bath!




Hey guys, had chance to listen to all the albums now and think they're brilliant. im especially hooked on the Nick Drake stuff at the min; its excellent. so thought id let you know & hope to see you again at some point.

Thanks again for the gig.

Graham, Stanwix Theatre, Carlisle


Hey Keith. Loved the wed. show at picture house Stratford and am really getting into 'Outsides'. Good rapport with audience and great sound despite the cinema seats.

Enjoy the rest of the tour, big Hi to Rick and see you next time.




Have just got home from your show at the Gala in Durham. Wanted to say thank you for a wonderful night. Without sounding like the 'Northern Sky' email man, was in two minds whether to come or not. Split from my partner of two years a couple of months ago and have been a complete girly wet rag since then. Saw your show advertised and decided to come, alone, just because I could. Anyway, almost bottled out when it was time to leave home, but swallowed my heart - which seemed to have relocated into my throat, and stepped out. And I am so glad that I did. It was balm for an aching soul.

Thank you for rescuing me from yet another Saturday night with a bottle of wine for company.

Thank you so much

Lynn x